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Due to a lack of actual and comprehensible arguments, Zoo-Opponents share images on which severely injured and mistreated animals – mostly dogs – are shown in rather periodical patterns. Claiming that the displayed animal cruelty is caused by zoophile actions, the gain of approval by the clueless citizen by the shock effect is attempted. In most of these cases, the protagonists of the anti-zoophilian movement do well know about the true background stories of these images and conceal it on purpose.

It is rather cynical that the pictures do show actual animals suffering. These animals were tormented and killed in foreign countries, or in other cases they show ill animals. Using the portrayed pain of these unfortunate animals for mendacious propaganda aimed at a sexual minority is further abuse of these animals.

Since nearly every picture has been published with crude lies , here is a list of the pictures that have been used most often.

„Diesel“ from a danish animal brothel

diesel_denmarkCurrently, the picture of a brown, middle-sized and extremely emaciated dog which is lying on an old palette in a rather dilapidated kennel is shared very often. This picture is used everwhere in Europe to agitate against zoophilia. It is claimed that this dog has been mistreated and killed in a danish animal brothel. The purpose is to increase the pressure on the danish government, for example by petitions0.

The sad truth is, that this poor and flayed being has been photographed in an animal shelter in Hreša. Hreša is a village in Republika Srpska, a Serbian enclave in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The nowadays idyllic area has once been one of the scenes of the cruel Bosnian War.

The animal shelter of Hreša is infamous for horrible conditions and neglected animals. The picture of „Diesel“ was originally in a report about this shelter.

The violated dog of the ETN

etn_zoophilieFor years already, the ETN e.V. – a rather shady association according to some reports – uses the picture of a dead female dog for its propaganda. The caption says: „I was raped. My tail was torn off because I tried to escape. The fur on my leg is abraded by my chain. My suitor had fun, I didn´t. I am dead.“

The truth differs from that.  The picture has been taken in Serbia. The animal was tormented and killed by hunters. It wasn´t hard to find the original source in this case either.

The „injuries“ on its leg and tail derive from the advanced state of decay at the point of time this picture was taken. Also, the true cause of death was a branch which has been rammed into her vagina. But there hasn´t been a sexual motivation on this act, as it was solely aimed to kill the animal in a cruel way. A quote from the original source: „It is thought that this act is one of revenge by hunters.“

As awful and sad this fate is, it is not linked to zoophilia.

Dalmatians Leo and Lotte in Pforzheim

About a year ago, Carsten Th., known for his repeated lies, wrote on his website animal-pi about 2 female dalmatians which were brought to the animal shelter in Pforzheim after being violated. Since the amount of truths published on animal-pi is about the same as the amount of oxygen particles in the moons´ atmosphere, one might not have to bother with these lies.

On the other hand, there have been Animal rights activists around the AFP – AktionFairPlay – claiming to have seen these dogs and to confirm this story. Because of that, the responsible authorities of the police and veterinary office have been asked about this incident. They couldn´t remember about such a case, as well as the animal shelter itself.

After being confronted with these results, the AFP claimed that foreign citizens were determined to be responsible for this cruelty, and that all involved persons and institutions were asked to remain silent about this fact to prevent any actions against foreigners. Well, as if anyone would believes that…

Molossian with a prolapse

molosser_prolapseThe picture of a molossian-like male dog, lying in a box with his rear reddened allegedly by his own blood, is one of the best-known in the repertoire of the zoophilia opponents. There is not a single demonstration, picket or website where the picture of the dog and gruesome stories about his fate are not shown. Using a reverse image search on Google, you can easily find hundreds of websites all over Europe which are using it for their anti-zoophilia propaganda.

Just as in the other cases, the truth is as trivial as it is nonsexual. The dog did have an anal prolapse, an incident of his rectum. That this is a rather common medical emergency for dogs and well documented. The big-ranged red areas which can be seen down to his testicles originate from a iodine-containing disinfectant. Put into a simplier way: What looks like a bleeding wound is simply a thoroughly performed disinfection. On a second look, the tape used by the veterinarian to fix the access to the vein, can be easily seen on his front leg.

How bad a prolapse can look like is getting obvious in an article about an affected female dog. One might be wondering why this picture has not yet been used by zoophilia opponents.

A case from Turkey

huendin_tuerkeiOccasionally the picture of an abused female dog is shown as well. After a short research it turns out to be a picture of one of the countless victims of a massacre on dogs in Turkey.

Even though the imagine is also found connected with stories of her abuse, but only with quotes from not mentioned sources. It is also conspicuous that only animal rights web pages call it an abuse. This justifies the assumption that the truth has been revised here as well.

The kidnapped Kessi

In October of last year, something unimaginable is said to have happened in Berlin. The female dog Kessi which has been tied outside the supermarket „for a few minutes“ has been kidnapped on brightest day and returneds one day later, injured and frightened. Veterinarians supposedly diagnosed sexual abuse.

At this point the inconsistencies start. Two separate veterinarians diagnose sexual abuse, but there are neither written reports on it, nor has possible evidence for court (e.g. smears or a picture documentation of the injuries). The veterinary authority hasn´t been informed at all.

Kessi is said to have been kidnapped on Wednesday, the 23th of October. It is stated in the article of the BILD from Sunday (27th of October), that the case was not yet known to the police. How do you manage to publish several sensation seeking articles in various magazines of the Springer publishing company within 5 days without informing the police?

When asking the staff and customers of the supermarket on Monday, 28th of October, nobody noticed the kidnapping. Not only did no one witness it, it seems like nobody else talked about it as well for nobody even heard of the incident from other persons. Several rewards, for example by ZETA, coming up to 1000€ did not give any institution any further clues to find the responsible persons.

The classics: Morten and the Dane „Boss“

Bulldogge MortenFor more than 2 years already the self-declared animal rights activist Tanja L. is supporting the group of zoophilia opponents together with her dog Morten and her story of the abuse of her poor dog by „perverted sodomites“, which left him incontinent. The truth differs from that once again. Morten comes from a dubious animal mediation in the Czech Republic, and the veterinarian investigations in Germany and the Czech Republic differ as much as the portrayal of Mrs L. and what is known of his former country. The report Mrs L. tends to show openly is merely stating an injury of his rectum. The cause of that is conjectured about in that report, but it does not come to a definite result. For further reading on that topic, there has been an article on this Blog about this incident already.

Die Dogge BossEven more saddening is the dealing of so-called animal rights activists with a Dane called Boss. The poor animal, that was shipped, beeing terribly ill by that time, from Spain to Germany and became a „trophy“ for various animal rights groups, has the sad pictures of him miss-used for the dirty campaigns of zoophilia opponents. Even though the dog died years ago and it is a matter if fact that he has never been sexually abused but simply came out of terrible conditions, he is not allowed to rest in peace. Even now there are still pictures of him showing up along with tales of his alleged abuse. It just simply is not true at all, no matter how often his body is virtually shredded. This poor soul and his sad story can be found on this blog as well.

Real cases and their facts

Nobody denies that true sexual abuse to animals does happen. It is reprehensible and justifiably condemnable by §17 of the german animal protection law. It is punished by a sentence up to three years.

One case that is known by the zoophilia opponents as well is Janis B. , who got delinquent in Germany by tormenting at least one dog for his own sexual-sadistic pleasure. In Internet forums and -chats he bragged several times about being a repeat offender. Janis B. got convicted of such a crime and reported by members of ZETA and had to stand trial. The only question left is, whether justice has been hard enough in this case.

schaeferhund_bossAnother case happened in Sweden, where a zoo-sadistic man horribly abused and in some cases killed several dogs. This man as well has been reported by a member of ZETA and brought to a Swedish court. He was put in jail for 2 1/2 years.

Unfortunately the pictures of one of the said dogs, the shepherd Boss (not to be mixed up with the former mentioned Dane) appear regularly online. These pictures have also been published by AFP Stuttgart as well as by Carsten Th. along with the lie, this would show „consensual zoophilia“. Even though knowing about its origins, they remain silent about it. Even though AFP tried to take back their version of these pics, they are still being shared within Germany as well as in foreign countries to spread the lie even further.

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