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The same procedure as every year…

As every year, the ZETA-Verein celebrated Zoophile Rights Day with a nice evening meet-and-talk, as well as a demonstration for ZRD. This time the latter took place on Alexanderplatz, Berlin. There – next to the second highest TV Tower in the world, as well as vis-a-vis the famous Urania world clock – it’s arguably cozier than on the drafty Potsdamer Platz in February. The ZETA-Verein will also be writing much more on the protest.

The antis, under the lead of the Alliance against zoophilia (Agz), protested at Potsdamer Platz. Probably under the assumption that they snapped this place from the ZETA-Verein. Well, let’s let them dwell happily on their assumption.

About 15 people from the circles of Agz were there, and in addition – as last year – Bastian Sommer and ca. 20 of his hard-right pals. These are the numbers from their facebook page at least, same day. Originally, 192 persons had confirmed their attendance there.

AgZ_Demo_2015_BerlinBastian Sommer is a former member of the NPD, but „left“ it. Within informed circles, he is still seen as firmly hard-right and „an ideologically firm Neonazi with openly presented extermination fantasies.“

It’s telling that Bastian Sommer attended again, and – as last year once more – delivered the speech in front of the anti-zoophilia rally. This shows again, that the anti-zoophiles are people who collude openly and easily with Neonazis and the extreme right ideologies. Nobody should be surprised that their facebook pages are littered with phrases such as „gas them“.

The same procedure as every year … this year the anti-protest was quieter, compared to the trouble caused by Agz and Neonazis last year [1] [2]. But surely, next year again we’ll have to expect Agz and their nazi-appendix in Berlin.

[1] http://www.blog.schattenbericht.de/2014/02/neonazis-gegen-zoophilie-demo-in-berlin/
[2] http://www.apabiz.de/publikation/monitor/Monitor_Nr63.pdf

Thanks to PonySmoocher for translation this article. He published it at reddit.

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